Which pregnancy pillow should I choose?

Which pregnancy pillow should l use?

With so many pillows, it is a difficult decision to navigate the number of pillows to chose from. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you chose your pillow.

Frequently asked questions when looking at purchasing a pillow: 1. I can not sleep because I am in a lot of pain. This is important, as if you are having lots of back and hip pain, it may be worthwhile seeing a physio. A full body pillow may be the way to go as this will support the entire body. The u shaped pillow comes in two sizes. For very small framed ladies i.e. around 160cm, you can try the smaller size- named “small”. and for average height- use the regular size. The u pillow allows you to try a number of different sleeping positions.

2. I am sleeping, but constantly waking at night repositioning myself. The constant waking may be in fact due to the pressure the baby is placing on your bladder. Frequent waking to go to the toilet is common towards the end of the trimester. If you are having troubles sleeping, look at a smaller pillow such as the UltimateSkies pregnancy pillow in the “large” size which can be used as a side sleeping pillow.

3. I want a pillow that can have multiple uses. The Ultimate Skies feeding pillow can be used as a head support, in between the legs for extra support (for hip support) and then as a feeding pillow and a pillow for baby when learning to sit up. All our pillows come with a white cover and can be washed. Great value for money.

4. I just need a pillow to support the weight of my stomach. A normal pillow can be used if you just need some extra support.

5. I am having troubles with hip pain- try putting two pillows placed in between the legs and is firmer than a normal pillow, or use the firmer U shaped pillow which can do the job of multiple pillows around your body.  You know what I mean,