How to care for your Ultimate Sleep products

First-time use

Remember to fluff your Ultimate Sleep product when you first take it out of the bag. The product has been compacted in the bag during its long shipment from overseas.

Hold the corners of the pillow (one at a time) and give it a shake. For the U pillow, simply hold the leg and shake them in an up-down wave motion.


All Ultimate Sleep products are easy to maintain.

  • Hold the corners and shake the pillow – to keep loft
  • Hang your pillow out in the sun a few times per year – to maintain freshness
  • Give it a session in the dryer at a low setting <60°C (irrespective of washing) in order to maintain its shape

If you would like your pillow to hold its fluffiness and comfort (as if like new)!

We strongly recommend that you fluff your pillow every morning when you wake up. This is because your body heat releases moisture into your pillow and the action of shaking/fluffing will release the trapped moisture and helps your pillow breathe. For the U pillow, simply fluff along the legs in a clapping motion, Or, hold the leg and shake them in an up-down wave motion.

Remember just a few shakes, each time after using the pillow is enough to make your pillow fluffy and feel like new.


We recommend washing your Ultimate sleep pillows 3  times a year. Not only will washing keep it clean and free of allergens, spills, drools, and leaks, but it will help maintain the shape and loft of your Ultimate Sleep products for a much longer period of time.

  • Machine wash at temperatures 60°C max
    separately hand-wash the stains briefly before putting it in the washing machine
  • Tumble dry at low setting <60°C max
    Remove your pillow promptly after the tumble dry cycle completes.