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How do I know what type of pregnancy pillow is right for me?

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Sometimes, it is a little trial and error.  What we have done as part of launching Ultimate Sleep is that we have made it a lot easier for you, with our Pillow chooser.   There is however a few things you [...]

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Find the Maternity Pillow or Body Pillow That’s Right For You

With each of our pillows serving a particular purpose, you’re sure to find exactly what it is you need at Ultimate Sleep. The breastfeeding pillow is perfect for recent mothers and their newborn babies, while the toddler pillow provides support for growing children’s bodies. The same level of care goes into every body pillow we provide; you’ll feel rested and comfortable in no time at all.

From the pregnancy body pillow to the maternity body pillow, toddler pillow and the breastfeeding pillow, Ultimate Sleep provides an extensive range of products designed to assist people with all different ailments and conditions. Our greatest aim is to reduce discomfort and pain during sleep, and we’re confident that our specialised body pillows and pregnancy pillows do exactly that. Even something as simple as our side sleeper pillow will result in a more relaxed, restful night’s sleep.

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Expecting mothers will love the pregnancy pillow and maternity pillow options that are designed specifically to alleviate the aches and pains that can come with pregnancy. After giving birth, transition from the pregnancy pillow to the breastfeeding pillow for the necessary support for newborn babies. If you prefer lying on your side instead of your back, then you’re sure to benefit from our pillows for side sleepers – this boomerang pillow will help with the sore necks and stiffness that can often arise from sleeping on your side.

Whatever the reason, you’ll find the very best pregnancy pillow, recommended by health care professionals with Ultimate Sleep. Breastfeeding, maternity, pregnancy pillows and more, browse our fantastic selection today.

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“No matter what position you sleep in, there is pillow there to use as support. I am currently 7 months pregnant with no pelvis or back pain and I wake up feeling very fresh every morning.”
Susie (VIC)
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