Toddler Sleep

How much toddler sleep is your toddler getting?

It is estimated that a toddler sleep should be at  least 11 hours a day sleeping at night time, and a toddler should also get one afternoon nap. This of course will vary with each toddler sleep routine. Bedtime routines seem to be a difficult time during the toddler sleep years, as many toddlers are asserting their new found independence. If your toddler’s sleep is becoming a difficult task because your toddler is refusing to sleep, give them lots of choices such as which book to choose, which teddy is going to bed with them.  This will be a win-win situation for you and the toddler, and of course will benefit your toddler sleep.

Moving into a new bed generally improves toddler sleep.

A toddler is generally moved into a new bed at around 24 months. Generally because a cot is too small, and/or a toddler may be climbing out of the cot anyway, making it a dangerous area for the toddler.  This is also the time that many parents consider adding having another child, so transitioning to a bed sooner rather than later.

When is the right time to introduce a toddler sleep pillow?

It is important to follow the SIDS recommendations on when to use a toddler pillow. Most parents will introduce a toddler sleep pillow when their toddler is in a junior bed or when the child’s shoulder become wider than their head. You can also observe signs that your toddler is ready to use a toddler sleep pillow. The toddler may rest their head on a stuffed animal or they lay down on your pillow. It is very important for toddlers to have plenty of sleep, and often, parents are looking to support their children develop good sleep habits.

What type of kids pillow should l use?

Avoid using an adult pillow, such as king, queen and euro-sized pillows, which tend to be larger and fluffier.  A smaller toddler sleep pillow is more appropriate to support the head and neck of toddler and child. The smaller “toddler sleep” size also eliminates the excess fabric that may be a suffocation hazard for the child.  Only keep one toddler sleep pillow in their bed, and avoid extra pillows in and around the bed for toddlers. If the toddler suffers from allergies, appropriate bedding including toddler sleep pillows need to be laundered regularly.  Ensure you look for a toddler sleep pillow that is hypoallergenic and machine washable to keep away the nasties.

Why use a specifically designed children’s pillow?

A specifically sized toddler or junior pillow is more beneficial to a child than an adult sized pillow. It may also help the toddler transition from cot to bed and help them as they are trying sleep, they may associate their pillow with time to sleep. As they will be getting more support around their head and neck with a toddler sleep pillow, this will enable the child to get comfortable quickly to start their sleep.

Why do you need a pillow that can be washed?

Children spend a lot of time resting and sleeping. Moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for germs, so a pillow that’s easily washable should be considered. If your child has asthma, all bedding and pillows should be washed regularly. All Ultimate Sleep pillows are machine washable. What’s more, we have designed toddler  pillows specific to the Australian Market. Our pillows have been made in specific heights, with adjustable support to accommodate the growing child, at all stages of their life.