Toddler tantrums

They don’t call it the terrible twos for nothing! the toddler tantrums are possibly in my opinion one of the most difficult phases a child can go through, not only for the parent but the child. the lack of language and ability to articulate what they need is very frustrating. These tantrums can be full on, throwing themselves onto the ground in a fit of rage because you cant understand what they are asking for.


My best tips for this age

1.Don’t approach them head on

2. distract them

3. avoid going out when they should be due for a sleep

4. make sure they are fed before you go out

5. have food and toys on hand for them

6. be consistent in your approach

7. try giving them time out for a second when you need to


If you have any concerns that perhaps these tantrums, always seek professional advise.