Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a disorder where the person is unable to keep their legs still, and/or has urgency to move their legs. This can be prevalent particularly at during the day, if sitting too long and also at night when the person is trying to sleep. The types of feelings a person may get can be described as crawling, aching, pulling, and tearing types of feelings in the legs. The cause is not known, but tends to occur in people who are middle aged. Restless leg syndrome can cause a range of issues, but the issue of sleep and quality of sleep is particularly important.

Because RLS most often occurs in the evening, it can severely disrupt sleep and reduce quality of life. Many people have a mild form of the disorder, but RLS severely affects the lives of millions of individuals. It is therefore important that you have the right pillow and good sleeping posture. A total body support pillow is ideal. Many sufferers, like you, have provided positive feedback on improving their sleep quality, and quality of life may be an effective intervention to consider. Other aspects of your sleep quality may include allergens and dust mites, which can disrupt your sleep. All Ultimate Sleep Pillows are hypoallergenic and completely machine washable, ensuring that you don’t have any of these nasty critters affecting the quality of your sleep.

The Restless Legs foundation (, has indicated as part of no-pharmacological strategies that Implementing a program of good sleep habits and possibly eliminating caffeine from your diet to aid in general sleep hygiene. You can find out more about Nutrition to aid sleeping here, remember, the better quality your sleep – the better quality of life you have during both day and night.