Managing your morning sickness

Managing morning sickness whilst your pregnant:

Possibly one of the first things to rear its ugly head whilst your pregnant, the dreaded morning sickness, which should be named, all day sickness in my opinion. It may start anywhere from 6 weeks onwards. For me this was the first sign I was pregnant. It’s a love hate relationship. Love because you know that there is a baby growing inside you, and hate because you feel so unwell.

For my first pregnancy, l had hyperemesis gravadium, the condition that became well known after the Duchess of Cambridge was reported to have this condition with her first pregnancy. It is a severe form of morning sickness, and needs to have medical treatment to be managed. Some women get it for their entire pregnancy, mine lasted till l was five months pregnant.

Managing your morning sickness: Here are a few tips that l learnt over my pregnancies.

I found sipping very cold drinks to be helpful. Luke warm water just made me feel worse. Eat very small meals, at least half of what you are normally used to. I also found that l had cravings, so l followed my body and had the cravings. Try to rest as much as possible. Fatigue makes morning sickness worse. Make sure to have hydralite drinks on standby, as well as hydralite icy poles. If your sick over summer, dehydration will make it worse, so try to drink really slowly and not gulp big drinks of water.

If you are vomiting to the point where you are vomiting bile, seek medical attention. It is better to get some medical attention early than wait to the point where you are so dehydrated that you can not function. Dehydration makes the morning sickness far worse and the cycle needs to be stopped.