How do I improve my sleep quality?

Long working hours in front of the computer each day, long flights for business trip, whether you are sitting, standing or lying in the same position or constantly in motion but doing the same repetitive moves, we are bound to suffer from muscle stiffness on the neck, shoulder, back, hip and legs. It is therefore important that we have a good rest throughout the night to heal and recover from our day’s stress, and this is all dependant on your sleep quality.

Investing in the right kind of sleeping support is important for the long term care of your neck and spinal column. From your sleeping mattress to the simple pillow or duvet, it will make a huge impact to your wellbeing. Waking up refreshed in the morning, you will approach the new day with a smile. On the contrary, if you wake up feeling as if you had not slept at all, you will feel irritable and miserable.

If you are currently suffering from painful tension in your neck and back, check your mattress and pillow. Is it time for you to consider purchasing new beddings? If you already have a good mattress in place, the pain and tension could be caused by the wrong kind of pillow or incorrect sleeping positions. If you are considering purchasing a new pillow, take your time to carefully research the right kind of pillow in accordance to your sleeping position, your body size and your physical need.

We have put together a checklist on how to choose the right pillow here.  The best and most cost effective investment in getting the ultimate sleep is to invest in a great Pillow, its less than 80% of the cost of a mattress.

There are three components to sleeping:

1)     Pillow

2)     Mattress

3)     Temperature regulation (duvets and linen)

At Ultimate Sleep we can provide you with the solutions to two of the three important factors in improving your sleep.  This together with expert advice on getting to sleep faster, having a better quality sleep, so that you wake feeling refreshed.  Let’s get started with the Pillow Chooser.