Hospital Bag – What should I pack?

Hospital Bag

I get asked so many times by my girlfriends as to what to pack in my hospital bag in anticipation for the birth. For me, l had two hospital bags, one for me and one for my baby. Keep it simple and don’t worry too much if you don’t have everything.

In my hospital bag I had, a couple of nursing singlet tops, nursing bras and warm pants (hospitals get cold), shampoo etc. and loads of black underwear. I also took the maternity pads for after birth, not the normal ones you would use for your menstrual cycle. I also brought along a couple of old pjs as l leaked through my pads, so they were thrown out once l left the hospital.

I took a couple of extra things like,

my own coffee and a couple of bars to eat and a hair dryer. Take your phone charger and maybe a couple of magazines. I also took some maternity nursing pads as l leaked a lot once my milk came in.

For baby, I brought along all clothes in size 000 or 0000, which had been washed and dried. Muslin wraps, four of those, nappies, and wipes. When baby passes first stool, its black and really yucky to clean up, so l went through heaps of those.

I also found that my babies leaked through their nappies so l was washing their clothes in the sink at some points as l hadn’t brought enough clothes.

Everything else is a personal thing, and lm sure you could bring loads with you, but its not needed. Here is my hospital bag checklist for your benefit.