Grobags – my favorite choice for baby bedding

Grobags – a type of bedding I choose to use.

Sids guidelines recommends that baby cot is free of toys and loose bedding. We follow the SIDS guidelines.

With so many products now to chose from these days its hard to figure out which product is the best one to chose.

Personally for me, l followed my babies cues. Two of my boys loved to be swaddled, so that was an easy choice for me, l used the aden and anais wraps because they were long and easy to wrap up my boys. My last baby though, wasn’t a fan of the swaddling, so l transitioned him very quickly into the grobags. It took a few weeks before he settled into the grobag, but after that he slept well.

Grobags were started about 10 years ago, and l have been a fan of this product since l first used it on my son nine years ago. With so many sizes now to chose from, I think you need to focus on the arms and how big they are around the baby- not so much the length/size of the grobag. Then you should look at the state you live in and focus on the tog rating. The climate is warmer in Qld and NSW, so a medium to light weight tog is perfect. Melbourne, SA and Tasmania are a lot cooler, so a warmer tog rating is better for longer, and throughout the year. Always check to see how warm the room is if you have a baby that is waking frequently.

The reason l chose the Grobags is for their versility and their sizes, designs and they also come with a free thermometre so you can easily check how warm the room is. They are so available now in most stores that its easy to pick one up. You can now purchase grobags from 3 months and up to 36 months.