Total Body Support Pregnancy Pillows

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Total Body Support Pillows

Maternity Body Pillows for Your Comfort

Our range of Total Body Support Pillows serve as the perfect full body pillow for pregnant mums suffering from back pain, pelvic pain and needing full body support. These pillows are designed to reduce pain and muscle tension, to help ensure that you wake refreshed whilst sleeping on your side. While serving as an ideal maternity sleeping pillow, this total body pillow is also suitable for anyone of any age.

  • Trusted by mums “my sleep has never been the same since using this pillow”
  • FREE White cover included with pregnancy pillow purchase (valued at $40)
  • The Ultimate Sleep U pregnancy pillow is the solution to all your pregnancy ailments, easing discomforts from swollen feet and legs, painful joints, lower back and hip pains.
  • Filled with Ultimate Sleep’s most comfortable 100% blend polyester ball fibers- made here in Australia
  • The versatility of the pregnancy pillow will help support your entire body, enabling your muscles and joints to relax deeply during sleep.
  • Excellent lasting loft, even with frequent washing.
  • All Ultimate Sleep’s casing and cover material are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certified.
  • Made in a sustainable high quality facility in Australia, under our strict quality standards.


Available on backorder

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5 reviews for Total Body Support Pregnancy Pillows

  1. Jenna (NSW)

    I have been using this pregnancy pillow for 4 months now and it is the most comfortable pillow I have ever used! No matter what position you sleep in, there is pillow there to use as support. I am currently 7 months pregnant with no pelvis or back pain and I wake up feeling very fresh every morning. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a comfy pregnancy pillow. Forget the little wedge under your belly, when you’re exhausted and pregnant – you want comfort and this is the ultimate in comfort. Definitely worth the $.

    The ONLY downfall is the pillow case takes about 5 minutes to put on every time you wash it. Surely they can make one that doesn’t fit as snug so it slides on easier?? Thank you for a great product!

  2. J Ant (VIC)

    I purchased this pregnancy pillow over a month ago, and l have to say I’m so pleased with it, it has really helped my pelvic and back pain. I also find rolling over much easier because l dont’ have to move all the pillows with me. Thanks for the great service and fast shipping

  3. Tanya (verified owner)

    This pillow has been wonderful. At 10 weeks I was already feeling the discomfort of a slight bump and swiftly bought my total body support pillow after some speedy google searches. The pillow has been an absolute joy since day 1. I’m sleeping through the night, staying on my side despite having been a back-sleeper previously and have not experienced any back/ pelvic pain throught the 6 weeks since delivery. Highly recommend!

  4. katequack137 (verified owner)

    This pillow is so comfortable! Fluffing up the arms as directed truly makes it feel like new. I’ve continued to use it post pregnancy and I’m so glad I treated myself to this wonderful product. No other products were long enough to stop my feet dangling off the ends (I’m 170cm) and I’m really impressed with the quality and comfort. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again or recommend.

  5. Sophie (verified owner)

    I have been using the Total Support Pregnancy Pillow for 4 months and it is fantastic! The pillow has allowed me to sleep on my sides comfortably whilst providing good support for my back. The pillow is extremely comfortable and is of excellent quality, fluffing up the arms keeps them nice and firm. Thanks to Ultimate Sleep for the wonderful product and service.

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Product Description

Total Body Support Pregnancy Pillows for Expecting Mothers

At Ultimate Sleep, we’ve developed a full body pregnancy pillow to help alleviate that discomfort that all mothers experience during pregnancy Perfect for inconvenient pelvic and back pain, the pregnancy pillows provide the perfect solution to sleepless and restless nights. Designed to support your entire body, the pregnancy pillow allows your muscles to relax during the more painful months of pregnancy, and is as durable as it is comfortable.

Sleeping on your side or back, sitting up or down, all expecting mothers will love the extremely versatile pregnancy pillow. In due time, you can even transition from the pregnancy pillow to the perfect breastfeeding pillow for you and your baby right here at Ultimate Sleep. Browse our range of pregnancy pillows online today.

Additional Information

Weight 5000 g

If you compare products you will find they have not had materials used in manufacture as “safe for mum and bob”.  All our pillow products casing and covers have been tested for harmful substances

unlike foam based products, which are unable to be washed, Ultimate Sleep pillows are entirely machine washable.

Unlike the majority of cheap pillows which have a cheap polyester fill, which flattens over time.  Ultimate Sleep pillows only have 40% of the best polyester ball fibres available.