Breastfeeding Pillow 3-in-1 Large

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Breastfeeding Pillow 3-in-1 Large

Breastfeeding & Nursing Pillows for Superior Support

Breastfeeding pillows offer supreme comfort for both the mother and the child. Ensure that you’re both getting the support and comfort you need with the right feeding pillow here at Ultimate Sleep.

  • Trusted by mums and recommended by health care professionals
  • Many mums call it a “life saver”
  • White cover included with every UltimateSkies breastfeeding pillow purchase.
  • It supports your baby’s weight and alleviates tension in your neck, shoulder and arms
  • Filled with Ultimate Sleep’s most  Superior 60/40 blend.
  • firm yet soft breastfeeding pillow providing the ultimate support and comfort while nursing.
  • breastfeeding pillow also designed for use as a side-sleeping maternity pillow during pregnancy.
  • Machine washable and tumble dryable at 600C, as often as needed to keep it clean and free of allergens.
  • Ultimate sleep pillow casing and cover material are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certified meaning they have been tested for harmful substances
  • Pictured above is the large breastfeeding pillow which is suitable for when you have one child or you have twins.
  • Learn more about the Ultimate Sleep filling in our breastfeeding pillow
  • Click here to view the portable feeding pillow


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Product Description

UltimateSkies Breastfeeding Pillow – multiple reviews and healthcare recommended

The UltimateSkies Breastfeeding pillow is designed to provide optimal support for both mother and baby while breastfeeding. It is filled with Ultimate Sleep’s most comfortable and unique blend.  60%  pure polyethylene.  40% of the best polyester ball fibres.  Sensuous softness and comfort will ensure that your baby feels safe in the warm embrace of the breastfeeding pillow.

The curvature of the UltimateSkies Breastfeeding pillow provides ergonomically correct support and comfort.   Helping you start off breastfeeding in a healthy and relaxed way. Even with the physical discomfort from a caesarean or mastitis, the breastfeeding pillow will optimally support both you and baby.   Whilst nursing – in bed, in the car, on the couch or on a chair you can adjust your position easily.  Mums tell us that they love using it for tummy time.  It provides excellent support for baby.   Strengthening neck muscles to avoid flat head syndrome.

This firm yet lofty breastfeeding pillow will provide you the ultimate comfort and support.  Preventing tension in your arms, shoulders and neck throughout your long hours of nursing, at your preferred height and position.  It’s the most adaptable breastfeeding pillow on the market.  Mums love the Large breastfeeding pillow for its additional back support and reviewers give it a 9/10.  Featured in all the pregnancy media.  Their message to you “Sleep well and Feed well”.

  • Health care professional recommended
  • Entirely machine washable – both pillow and cover
  • OEKO TEX 100 – certification (no harmful substances form mum or baby)
  • Trusted by mums all over Australia
  • Free breastfeeding pillow cover included.   Lots of cute covers too.
  • Multiple uses during pregnancy.  After birth for feeding and tummy time.

It is recommended that expectant mothers sleep on their side during their pregnancy. Use the UltimateSkies Breastfeeding pillow as your sleeping pillow during your pregnancy.  This will help prevent neck and shoulder stiffness when sleeping on your side.  Your partner may even steal your pillow!  Buy him one too.

The UltimateSkies Breastfeeding Pillow is also a good aid when your baby is learning how to sit up.  It provides both good support and a secure boundary. It comes in handy in the car too.   Providing you the extra comfort on long trips.  So compact, it comes with a travel bag says another mum.

The UltimateSkies Breastfeeding pillow has very good temperature regulation.  This will ensure your baby stays cool, dry and comfortable while breastfeeding.  Babies are prone to allergies and sensitive to allergens. You can be rest assured that your UltimateSkies breastfeeding pillow is naturally hypoallergenic, odourless, anti-bacteria, anti-mold and anti-dust mites. What’s more, it can be washed as often as needed to keep it clean and free of allergens.

We recommend that you read what the Australian Breastfeeding Association says about breastfeeding on its excellent website.

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