How To Use Your Total Body Support U

First-time use:

Before you fluff your pillow, put the cover on. Fluff your Pregnancy Body Support pillow when you first take it out of the bag. The pillow has been compacted in the bag during its long journey to Australia.

Simply hold the end of the U pillow (one leg at a time) and shake them in an up-down wave motion. Puff along the entire pillow (starting from the end of one leg and finishing on the other) to evenly spread out the filling.

Preparing your total body support pillow for sleep

For optimal comfort, puff your U pillow either by shaking the legs in wave-like motion or by puffing along the entire pillow.

To prep your pillow properly for optimal comfort, please use the following guides:

  • Make sure that the legs are not twisted.
  • Hold the end of the leg and shake it in a wave-like motion. Repeat on the other.
  • Move the upper legs (near the curve) closer to each other, just wide enough to fit your upper body when lying sideways.
  • Puff and punch the U curve to the height that gives you the best comfort.

Using your Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy support body pillow during pregnancy

  1. It is recommended that expectant mothers sleep on their side during their pregnancy, as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Move the upper legs (near the curve) closer to each other, just wide enough to fit your upper body when lying sideways.
  3. Place your leg above one of the U legs ensuring the knee is at the same level as your hip. This will help to relieve tension on your lower back.
  4. Tuck the other U leg to support your shoulder, back, and hip.
  5. You can even tuck the U below your tummy to support the weight of your baby in your tummy.

Maintaining your Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Body Support Pillow

It is not at all difficult to care for your Pregnancy support Pillow. All your need to understand is that your body releases heat when you sleep. When this heat gets trapped in your pillow, it retains moisture. It is the trapped moisture that causes your pillow to flatten. Our care and maintenance are guided towards releasing the trapped moisture in your pillow in order to maintain its natural volume.

All you need is to spend one-minute each morning to fluff your Pregnancy support pillow and your U pillow will hold its fluffiness and comfort for a very long time. You can either hold & shake the legs in an up-down wave motion or, simply puff in a clapping motion alongside the legs & curve of the U pillow.   Remember just a few shakes, each time after using the pillow is enough to make your pillow fluffy and feel like new.

Once or twice a year, we recommend that you do one of the followings to completely dry out the trapped moisture:

  • Hang your pillow out in the sun.
  • Tumble dry at low setting <60°C max (irrespective of washing). We recommend easy tumble drying without taking the covers off. Not only does this save you the trouble, but it will also protect your pillow from the high heat of the tumble dryer.


  1. Machine wash at temperatures 60°C max
  2. Use very little detergents, enough to clean the spills and stains.
  3. For tougher stains, we recommend that you separately hand-wash the stains briefly before putting it in the washing machine
  4. Tumble-dry at low setting <60°C max
  5. Remove your pillow promptly after the tumble dry cycle completes.