UltimateSkies Feeding Pillow:   #1 with mums all over

With over 5,237 Breastfeeding pillows sold and counting, UltimateSkies Feeding pillows are the most reviewed and trusted breastfeeding pillows on the market.

UltimateSkies Breastfeeding Pillow is proudly endorsed by health care professionals

UltimateSkies Feeding pillow is  also known as the nursing pillow or maternity pillow with functional options that offers mums maximum comfort, is ergonomically supportive, and are the only breastfeeding pillow where the casing and covers have been internationally certified (Oeko-Tex 100 Class I standard) and sold in Australia.

But that’s not all, when you buy a UltimateSkies feeding pillow you will also get the most versatile 3 in 1 feeding pillow around!

  • Helps you breastfeed in a more comfortable way (whichever position suits) for long periods without tiring out your arms.
  • This specifically designed filling material ensures your feeding pillow will not flatten out with wear like cheaper foam or polyester fiber imitations.
  • Hypoallergenic and machine washable at 60° C, making it easy to keep clean and free of dust mites. It retains its shape and volume, even after frequent washing and usage.

“I can’t breastfeed without it”

Join other breastfeeding mums without back, neck and shoulder pain!

For a limited time only we have exclusive covers and a special upgrade offer  for those upgrading to the Large Breastfeeding pillow from the portable UltimateSkies Feeding pillow.


Use it during pregnancy as your pregnancy pillow

  • Maintain a comfortable side sleeping position

  • Perfect for sleeping, tummy and pelvic support

  • Adjust the pillow to suit your needs, the pillow will regain its shape with a simple fluff

  • Flip the pillow behind your back, for those nights where you have back pain.

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Once you’ve read the reviews from top parenting websites you’ll join the many thousands of   UltimateSkies Feeding pillow fans who atest to  the versatily and the machine washability  together with the many other features this pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow comes with.

“Breast feeding at the best of times is taxing but using this pillow allowed freedom with my hands and also relief from the strain on my back. it sits perfectly around my waist, it is perfect length and height for my baby and super comfortable. Baby does not slip like other pillows and provides good support for baby’s head as the pillow is firm. Wish I had found it before I had my first bub. highly recommend it.”
Julie (Wantirna)
“I started using this pillow the day I got back from hospital after having my second child. I wish I had know about it for my first child. It is such a great pillow for breastfeeding. It is a great height that I don’t have to bend forward to get a good position for my baby. The firmness of the pillow is great and does not go flat and holds the baby well. Other pillows I have used go flat quite quickly. The shape also fits perfectly around my body. I would recommend this pillow to anyone and will probably use it even as a normal pillow when I finish breastfeeding. I even find the pillow stays cool on a hot day which is great as it keeps my baby cooler.”
Tracey (QLD)
“The quality and firmness of this pillow is really good.
It’s just the right mix of soft and supportive for Bub to rest on while feeding.
It fits neatly around your waist which after having a cesarean section is great because it keeps any extra pressure and weight away from the scar.

This pillow for me was more than just for breastfeeding. I ended up on bed rest in hospital for a week before my baby was born and asked hubby to bring me this pillow into the hospital.

Because of its compact size (it’s smaller than a normal boomerang style pillow) and supportiveness I was able to use it as my pillow in hospital, as a back support in bed after the birth and as a breastfeeding pillow when I had my baby. I would recommend this pillow to anyone having a baby.
I wish I had known about the pregnancy pillow they make as well it might have saved me some sleepless nights. “

Faye (Sydney)

There are clear reasons why the UltimateSkies Breastfeeding pillow is superior and unique compared with other feeding pillows on the market.

The unique curvature of the UltimateSkies Breastfeeding pillow ensures that Mothers have the necessary shoulder and elbow support which leads to reductions in shoulder and neck strain. Newborns too are fully supported, allowing them to be safe and secure, in the same place, even when mum moves around a little.

Many products claim to be machine washable, however many of these products degrade, lose their function, shape and feel so sometimes you are better off not washing them. The UltimateSkies Breastfeeding pillow however is completely machine washable and after a number of washes (approx. 2 years) retained its volume and shape.


So you can use it during pregnancy as your pregnancy pillow, then as your breastfeeding pillow with additional back support and finally as a tummy time pillow for your little one!

Make breastfeeding easy with the versatile UltimateSkies Pregnancy and Feeding pillow  get useful tips and advice from health experts  raving about the multiple 3-in-1 uses  and see how awesome the pillow is for yourself.

  • Hypoallergenic and tested for harmful substances

  • Join the thousands of mums satisfied with how this pillow outperforms the rest

  • Get breastfeeding off to a great start