Ultimate Sleep Technology

Ultimate Sleep’s fill –  the technology that will provide you, your kids and your whole family with the ultimate sleep.

A product that will do what it says it will … 

There are a few other things that I would like you to understand. Ultimate Sleep’s fill has been the result of many years of testing products with pregnant mums all over the world.  A special blend of 60% polyethylene and 40% polyester ball fibers allows you to have the benefits of what you would get with down feathers but with the upsides for having a product that is naturally hypoallergenic, machine washable, and most of all we aren’t plucking ducks for that matter, so you could say we are environmentally friendly.

The way that Ultimate Sleep products get their loft is by trapping air in between the polyethylene flakes.   Just like down feathers do. During your sleep, your head releases heat and this heat gets trap between you and the pillow. When you wake up in the morning, please spend a few seconds to give your pillow a shake or if you are using the Comfort U body pillow, puff along the length of the pillow as if you are clapping your hands. This will help puff air back in between the flakes and release the moisture that gets trapped.

Many questions are asked about loft, and the support your pillow provides.  If you find that your pillow is losing its loft, it is likely that there is already moisture trapped between the flakes. Just put your pillow (without having to remove the pillow cover) into the tumble dryer and tumble dry at low heat (<60 C) for about 15 minutes for small pillows to about 45 minutes for bigger pillows like the Comfort U. Throw in a tennis ball if you have one because the beating of the tennis ball against the pillows actually helps with the drying.