Sleep Problems


Flat Head Syndrome – Prevention

Flat Head Syndrome Prevention This condition, also known as plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) can be distressing for parents but it's easily avoided. It started with Sudden Infant Death syndrome. Since then, Health Authorities worldwide have recommended that parents should put their babies to sleep on their back. It is also our recommendation that your baby only SLEEPS on the back. However, in the hours that your baby is AWAKE, you should allow your baby to lie on the stomach, on the side or, in your arms. This is important because not only does this reduces the length of time that [...]


What type of pregnancy pillow is right for me?

What type of pregnancy pillow is right for me? Sometimes, it is a little trial and error.  What we have done as part of launching Ultimate Sleep is that we have made it a lot easier for you, with our Pillow chooser.   There is however a few things you need to consider before you choose which pillow will be right for you. A pillow’s fill is the single most important determinant in how the pillow performs in terms of its primary function - support.  Again, the pillows fill also needs to be allergy friendly, so ensure that it too has [...]


Improving your sleep quality

How do I improve my sleep quality? Long working hours in front of the computer each day, long flights for business trip, whether you are sitting, standing or lying in the same position or constantly in motion but doing the same repetitive moves, we are bound to suffer from muscle stiffness on the neck, shoulder, back, hip and legs. It is therefore important that we have a good rest throughout the night to heal and recover from our day’s stress, and this is all dependant on your sleep quality. Investing in the right kind of sleeping support is important for [...]


Sleep and Temperature Regulation

Temperature Regulation While Sleeping The temperature of both the brain and the body fall during NREM sleep.  The longer the NREM-sleep episode, the more the temperature falls. By contrast, brain temperature increases during REM sleep. The control of body and brain temperature is closely tied to sleep regulation. So what role does body and room temperature play in sleep quality? Well you can’t really adjust your body temperature greatly, unless you become severely ill.  However, our body temperature can be affected by the amount of layers of clothing (Pyjamas, nightwear etc) as well as our own heat that we generate.  [...]


Your sleep style explained

Your Sleep Style and Amount of Sleep Affects Your Pillow Choice People spend a significant portion, well at least 1/3 of their lives in bed. Without a proper night's sleep, it's difficult to function properly whether it’s at home, at work or with others. A bad night’s sleep can affect relationships and work performance.  Improper sleeping positions can place huge amounts of strain on the body – this in turn results in back and neck pain. Adopting proper sleeping positions can prevent neck pain, whether sleeping on the back, on the side or face down.  This is where your sleep [...]


Choosing the right pillow

Choosing the right pillow Most of us are clueless when it comes to choosing pillows. Where do we start? Where do we go when we step into a departmental store filled with rows and rows of pillows, mostly shelved according to the brand they carry? The first decision we make, is usually towards the brand that we are currently using (if we like the pillow we are using). If our current pillow is causing us great discomfort, we will be walking towards the brand we heard of that was either recommended by friends/relatives or from advertisement. Try asking the brand [...]


Lower back pain

Lower Back Pain and Sleep Low back pain sometimes begins early in pregnancy and can continue for months after birth.  This pain may affect how you enjoy your pregnancy. Back pain affects approximately half of pregnant women, sometimes beginning early in their pregnancy and continuing for months after they give birth. Persistent and severe back pain can interfere with daily life, work, and sleep, and can cause increased and unnecessary pain during delivery.  Back pain during pregnancy is usually the result of postural, weight, and hormonal changes. As your weight increases during your pregnancy, your centre of gravity shifts forward [...]