Best Pregnancy Pillows

Ultimate Sleep has sourced the best pregnancy pillow, the best body pillow and best maternity pillow

Each of our pillows serves a particular purpose, and depending on your sleep issue we can tailor the pregnancy pillow choice to your needs.  The best pregnancy pillow is perfect for mums who want a pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow (all in one), while the best body pillow provides all round support for whichever position you are in.   The maternity body pillow will ensure you’ll feel rested and comfortable in no time at all.

Ultimate Sleep provides an extensive range of products designed to assist people with all different ailments and conditions. Our greatest aim is to reduce discomfort and pain during sleep, and we’re confident that our specialised full body pillow and pregnancy support pillows do exactly that. Even something as simple as body pillow for pregnancy has been reviewed by a number of parenting sites and it receives 5 stars together with a more relaxed, restful night’s sleep.

Our best pillows – Hear what others say with our reviews below.  

Expecting mothers will adore our pregnancy body pillow and maternity pillow options that are designed specifically to alleviate the aches and pains that can come with pregnancy.  Being health care recommended, you will improve your pelvic alignment and posture with our best pregnancy pillows.   Having the necessary support for yourself as early as 14 weeks will mean at least 182+ nights of improved sleep. If you are finding it difficult to stay on your side try our best body pillow to help keep you in the recommended side sleeping position and provide all round comfort.

Whatever the reason, you’ll find the best pillows at Ultimate Sleep. Recommended by both doctors, physios, midwives and chiropractors you will be sure to get a great nights sleep.

Pregnancy Pillow

pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy body pillow

body pillow

Breastfeeding pillow

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    Total Body Support Pregnancy Pillows

    $349.00 $339.00

    Total Body Support Pillows

    Maternity Body Pillows for Your Comfort

    Our range of Total Body Support Pillows serve as the perfect full body pillow for pregnant mums suffering from back pain, pelvic pain and needing full body support. These pillows are designed to reduce pain and muscle tension, to help ensure that you wake refreshed whilst sleeping on your side. While serving as an ideal maternity sleeping pillow, this total body pillow is also suitable for anyone of any age.
    • Trusted by mums - "my sleep has never been the same since using this pillow"
    • FREE White cover included with pregnancy pillow purchase (valued at $40)
    • The Ultimate Sleep U pregnancy pillow is the solution to all your pregnancy ailments, easing discomforts from swollen feet and legs, painful joints, lower back and hip pains.
    • Filled with Ultimate Sleep’s most comfortable 100% blend polyester ball fibers- made here in Australia
    • The versatility of the pregnancy pillow will help support your entire body, enabling your muscles and joints to relax deeply during sleep.
    • Excellent lasting loft, even with frequent washing.
    • All Ultimate Sleep's casing and cover material are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certified.
    • Made in a sustainable high quality facility in Australia, under our strict quality standards.
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    breastfeeding pillow breastfeeding pillow

    Breastfeeding Pillow 3-in-1 Portable


    Breastfeeding Pillow 3-in-1 Portable

    Portable Maternity & Pregnancy Pillows

    Our range of Breastfeeding Pillows are made for new mothers for convenient nursing and comfortability. Enjoy the luxury of our feeding pillows and alleviate tension in your neck, shoulder and arms when nursing. Shop the range today!
    • The UltimateSkies Breastfeeding Pillow is designed to make nursing more comfortable, convenient and relaxing for you and your baby
    • Endorsed by health care professionals
    • Trusted by mums all over Australia, they rate it a 9/10.
    • It supports your baby’s weight and alleviates tension in your neck, shoulder and arms when nursing in bed, in the car, on the couch or on a chair.
    • Filled with the most comfortable Superior 60% polyethylene /40% polyester ball fiber
    • Also designed for use as a side sleeper during and after pregnancy.
    • Available in a portable size (pictured above) or in a large sizefor twins or when you want extra support
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    pregnancy breastfeeding pillow

    Ultimate Skies Pregnancy Pillow


    Ultimate Skies Pregnancy Pillow

    Pregnancy Support Pillow of Choice

    Pregnancy pillows are necessary for all stages of a pregnancy. At Ultimate sleep, we offer Ultimate Skies maternity pillows that will ease your pregnancy discomfort and your pain.
    • Enables a complete Side sleeping position with our uniquely shaped pregnancy pillows
    • Head, Bump and pelvic support
    • Multiple reviews and health care professional recommended
    • Trusted by mums all over Australia with a rating of 9/10
    • Tested for Harmful substances (Oeko-Tex 100 certification) - casing and covers
    • Health care professionals endorse as a pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow post pregnancy as well
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    Full Body Pillow U (Regular & Small)


    Full Body Pillow U

    Pregnancy Pillow & Full Body Pillow

    Our range of ultimate Full Body Pillow U ensure that you get a good night's rest, every night! Providing ultimate support and comfort, this pillow is perfect for reading, watching T.V in bed, children or even as a breastfeeding pillow for new mothers! We supply the Ultimate Sleep U pillow in a variation of sizes perfectly suited to a multitude of different body shapes and sizes. Manufactured in Australia, this pillow is made with 100% blend of polyester fibre to ensure comfortability with every use.
    • The Ultimate Sleep U - Small body pillow is a smaller version of the original U - Regular
    • The Ultimate Sleep U - Small pillow provides the experience of demarcation of the body. This feeling of being encircled and snug can play a part in relieving the feelings of anxiety and reducing restlessness
    • The versatility of the pillow will help support your entire body, enabling your muscles and joints to relax deeply during sleep
    • The Ultimate Sleep U small provides deep pressure regulation for children with special needs (ADHD, Autism etc)
    • Filled with Ultimate Sleep's most comfortable 100% blend of polyester fiber- our pillows are manufactured here in Australia.
    • Suitable for all purposes, the total body support U shaped pillow is the perfect sleeping aid for your children.
    • All Ultimate Sleep cover and casing material are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certified.
    • Made for those who prefer pillows with down-like softness, a bit like kids sleeping in cloud
    • Softness closest to the finest quality down feathers, but without the allergens
    • Highly moldable and fluffable.
    • Great support for head and neck
    • Excellent lasting loft, even with frequent washing
    • Hypoallergenic and suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers and children
    • All of our casing and cover materials are Oeko-TexStandard 100 Class I certified
    • Available in different sizes for the whole family
    • Fill material 60% polyethylene, 40% poleyester ball fibers
    • Looking for your child's First pillow (18 mths +) please click here
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    pregnancy breastfeeding pillow breastfeeding pillow

    Breastfeeding Pillow 3-in-1 Large

    Breastfeeding & Nursing Pillows for Superior Support

    Breastfeeding pillows offer supreme comfort for both the mother and the child. Ensure that you're both getting the support and comfort you need with the right feeding pillow here at Ultimate Sleep.
    • Trusted by mums and recommended by health care professionals
    • Many mums call it a "life saver"
    • White cover included with every UltimateSkies breastfeeding pillow purchase.
    • It supports your baby's weight and alleviates tension in your neck, shoulder and arms
    • Filled with Ultimate Sleep's most  Superior 60/40 blend.
    • firm yet soft breastfeeding pillow providing the ultimate support and comfort while nursing.
    • breastfeeding pillow also designed for use as a side-sleeping maternity pillow during pregnancy.
    • Machine washable and tumble dryable at 600C, as often as needed to keep it clean and free of allergens.
    • Ultimate sleep pillow casing and cover material are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certified meaning they have been tested for harmful substances
    • Pictured above is the large breastfeeding pillow which is suitable for when you have one child or you have twins.
    • Learn more about the Ultimate Sleep filling in our breastfeeding pillow
    • Click here to view the portable feeding pillow
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    UltimateSkies Comfort Everywhere Pack

    • Our highest rated products in a pack so you save $81.00
    • Trusted by mums all over Australia
    • Completely machine washable unlike other products
    • Come with white covers included (valued at $80)
    • OEKO-Tex 100 tested for casing and covers for your peace of mind
    • Complete comfort for both pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • Recommended by health care professionals
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    Side Sleeper Pillow

    Side Sleeping Pillows for Premium Comfort

    As versatile as it is comfortable, the side sleeping pillow can be used for reading or watching television in bed, or even as a breastfeeding pillow for new mothers. Also known as the Boomerang pillow, it is perfect for individuals who prefer to sleep on their sides instead of their back. The design helps ease pain and stiffness in the neck or shoulders that often results from sleeping on one’s side; the boomerang shape is also suitable for those with a larger, broader frame that have difficulty getting comfortable when trying to get to sleep. With this pillow, you can happily stop worrying about those restless nights.
    • Specifically designed for those who sleep on their side
    • Ideal for individuals who suffer from neck and shoulder stiffness
    • Can be used for neck and back support while reading, watching TV or just relaxing
    • Available in standard and large sizes (large size suitable for large or broad frames)
    • Complimentary white cover included
    • Can be used as a maternity or breastfeeding pillow
    • It also can be used during maternity or for breastfeeding
    • All Ultimate Sleep’s casing and cover materials are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certified
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    Alimrose Comforter

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    Aden and Anais Cot Sheet Set - Solid White

    Protect your babies mattress from spills and leaks, and maintain the life of the mattress. Style, comfort, and functionality comes together beautifully with Aden and Anais nursery cot sheets made of 100% cotton muslin. Perfectly soft and the ultimate in breathability, our fitted cot sheet is gentle on baby's skin yet durable enough for everyday use. One 135cm x 77cm pre-washed 100% cotton muslin fitted cot sheet. fits mattresses up to 132cm x 72cm Features: Breathable: open weave allows liberal airflow Year-round Comfort: warm in winter, cool in summer Tailored Fit: elastic all the way around for a snug fit . Perfectly soft: the more you wash it, the softer it gets.
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    Pregnancy Book - The Australian Pregnant Book

    With 320 pages of clear, easy to understand information and over 100 original medical illustrations, The Australian Pregnant Book includes comprehensive informed medical information including:
    • How to prepare for pregnancy
    • How to determine your expected due date
    • How to know if your baby is normal
    • How to keep your weight under control
    • How to know if your baby is growing normally
    • How to know if you are in labour
    • Insights into labour and childbirth
    • After delivery – the postnatal period. Plus answers to more than 50 frequently asked questions relating to all stages of pregnancy such as dyeing hair, medications, sex during pregnancy, reducing anxiety, caesarean section, circumcision for baby boys are all included.
    BONUS: Every book comes with an easy-to-use birth date calculator and fetal growth chart.