Ultimate Skies Pregnancy Pillow


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Ultimate Skies Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Support Pillow of Choice

Pregnancy pillows are necessary for all stages of a pregnancy. At Ultimate sleep, we offer Ultimate Skies maternity pillows that will ease your pregnancy discomfort and your pain.

  • Enables a complete Side sleeping position with our uniquely shaped pregnancy pillows
  • Head, Bump and pelvic support
  • Multiple reviews and health care professional recommended
  • Trusted by mums all over Australia with a rating of 9/10
  • Tested for Harmful substances (Oeko-Tex 100 certification) – casing and covers
  • Health care professionals endorse as a pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow post pregnancy as well
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6 reviews for Ultimate Skies Pregnancy Pillow

  1. Steph Green

    The service we received from the staff at the baby expo is my first comment for review, the staff really know their products and made purchasing the twin boomerang pillow easy and fun! I can say it was the best 1st mother’s day present I could ever of asked for! After the first few months of hourly wake ups from our newborn I needed a pillow like this, that I could sink my head into and drift easily back to sleep without fluffing and rotating my old pillows. I started using my pillow for sleep and as a breastfeeding pillow, I love how versatile it is! I love that one arm of the pillow is longer and offers support to my shoulders and neck and I often cuddle into the short arm for comfort. I love that I can shake the pillow and fluff if up and it always feels brand new. At the most recent baby expo I returned for another pillow case because I know this pillow has many years of use left! Thank you for saving my sleep, with another baby due in July sleep will be even more precious, but I’ll cope perfectly with my favourite pillow.

  2. El Gray

    I am a side and stomach sleeper, who is trying to get out of the habit of sleeping on my side as it causes me severe neck and shoulder pain. The boomerang pillow has helped so much! It supports my whole neck area and encourages me to stay on my side as I am propped up each side of me. The staff were also incredibly helpful and prompt in replying to my email when trying to choose the correct pillow. And the pillow itself arrived within 2 days! Very happy

  3. Kazaam

    I bought this pillow from my physio and I absolutely love it!! I was finding it quite awkward to move around in bed and always ended up on my back, however after getting this pillow, it helped me stay on my side because I can hug it, or put it behind me to stop me from rolling onto my back. Highly recommended!

  4. Lorraine Salvi

    A good night’s sleep can be a real challenge when pregnant! I used to combat the awkward side-sleep-with-growing-tummy by placing a spare pillow between my legs and sometimes one behind my back, but found I was always waking during the night searching for it as it’d fallen on the floor. Other issues I had were the width of the pillow meant I was taking up more room, pushing poor hubby off the edge of the bed and ultimately lacking in bump support.

    Then I was given the opportunity to trial an Ultimateskies Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Pillow. I fell in love with it as soon as I opened the box. Well-plumped with plenty of give; it meant that the super soft filling (60% polythylene & 40% polyester ball fibers) inside didn’t move or divide when I put any pressure on the pillow, unlike other cheaper pregnancy pillows I’ve tried in the past. This gives me greater confidence in the pillow, believing that when bub arrives he/she won’t sink down into the pillow as they’re nursing. The slight triangular shaping also is perfect for contouring my body as I lay on my side, keeping my body aligned to reduce aches and pains.

    The need for only one pillow in the bed is a huge bonus for me. The generous length of the Ultimateskies Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Pillow means that it can offer support between my legs while also being comfortable so that I can rest my head on it, in place of my usual pillow. The best way to use the pregnancy pillow is to hug it tight: it can’t escape and it’s so very comfortable. Being symmetrical, the Ultimateskies Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Pillow is suitable whether sleeping on your left or right side (or if you toss and turn and like to mix it up, like me!). According to Ultimate Sleep, the filling within the Ultimateskies Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Pillow allows air to circulate which keeps mum and baby cooler while using it.

    I was pleasantly surprised upon reading the tag of the Ultimateskies Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Pillow that the entire pillow (not just the case!) is machine-washable! I was extremely impressed; particularly as I intend on using the pillow for breastfeeding when our baby arrives and am aware of how messy bubs can be!

    The shape and height are perfect for feeding bub, as it hugs right into my waist eliminating any gaps that stiff nursing pillows (from previous experience) tend to make. The length of it is good and will help support my babies body weight evenly when breastfeeding.

    In addition to getting a great night sleep, I also love bringing my pregnancy pillow out into the loungeroom to play in comfort for longer with our older kids (aged 2 & 4). The pillow help me to lie on the floor playing cars or blocks, or reading books without wincing and needing to get up after 5 minutes. The difference is amazing and the kids love it too!

    The Ultimateskies Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Pillow is a complete game-changer to me, and is well worth the investment given the multiple uses for after pregnancy & post-baby sleeping as well as using it as a nursing pillow and to help support baby when learning to sit up.

    Reviewed by S Johnston

  5. Alannah Rafton

    I met Con and his team at Sydney Pregnancy, Baby and Children’s expo a few years ago. I have used my pillow every night since and it is still as good as the first day I got it. The quality and durability is outstanding. It is still as thick and full as ever. I have had no issues popping it into the wash, it comes out perfect every time. The unique shape of the pillow (not quite a boomerang, slightly longer on one end) means it can be positioned in a number of ways and will always promote and provide ultimate sleep.

  6. Bec

    This is the most amazing pregnancy pillow ever! I bought this pillow back in April at the baby expo and do not regret it one bit.
    The quality is amazing, I have been recommending it to everyone – you will not be disappointed!

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Product Description

 The Best Pregnancy Pillow

At Ultimate Sleep, we’re proud to offer you the best pregnancy pillow available. Suitable for all stages throughout pregnancy, our range of pregnancy pillows will help alleviate the aches and pains that can plague expecting mothers and give you a well-earned rest.

One of our more popular items, the Ultimate Skies pillow is widely regarded as the best pregnancy pillow on the market, due to its unrivalled support for the head, pelvis and baby bump, not to mention the luxuriously extra soft filling. Rigorously tested for harmful allergens and chemicals, no other pregnancy or maternity pillow throughout Australia has the same high standard as the Ultimate Skies.

All pregnant mums will need some support at different stages of their pregnancy with sleeping. By sleeping with the best pregnancy pillows in the above position you are allowing your body to get the support it sorely needs.  Having one end of the pregnancy pillows in between your legs and knees will allow you to have pelvic alignment – taking the pressure off your baby carrying pelvis.  This will reduce the pressure on your nerves as well as your perineum.  In short this means that you will be more comfortable during your pregnancy, and there will be less pressure on your back to compensate.

Due to the length of these uniquely shaped boomerang/pregnancy pillows, they allow you to hug the pillow whilst your head rests on a superior sleeping surface.  Being in a comfortable position and being fully supported will allow you to sleep soundly in the recommended side sleeping position during your pregnancy. recommended to up to 170cm height.

Why our pregnancy pillows are the best on the market?

  • Hypoallergenic – so you wont be sneezing or watery eyes
  • Completely machine washable (not just the cover) – and what’s more it wont clump like other pillows.
  • Proudly made here in Australia
  • The pregnancy pillows come with one 100% cotton pillow case and with a travel bag with handles to make carrying the pregnancy pillows easier for when you are away from home.

Browse Ultimate Sleep today and find the best pregnancy pillow for you and your baby.

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