How to choose your pregnancy pillow

Lower back pain, leg cramps, muscle tension and aching joints. These are common symptoms that you would be expecting, especially if you are currently in the last trimester of your pregnancy. Your baby is growing rapidly and the additional weight and pressure of the baby you are carrying inside will put your back in great stress.

Try easing your symptoms with a good exercise programme and a good pregnancy posture. As much as you can, stand tall with your back straight and pelvis tucked under so that the weight of your baby is evenly distributed and supported by your thighs, buttocks and stomach muscles. Rest whenever you can, with your legs up for an hour or two each day.
If you have trouble sleeping at night, try taking a warm bath and a glass of milky drink before bed to help relax your body. Invest in a good pillow that will support your body and reduce your pains.
Remember! It is important that you get plenty of rest before the arrival of your baby.

If you suffer from lower back and hip pain, we highly recommend the Ultimate Sleep U Regular for total body support. With the Total body support U you don’t need to fumble with a separate sleeping pillow or any other kind of support pillows to get comfortable.

The versatility of the UltimateSkies Pregnancy & Breastfeeding pillow is exceptional,  So far as to say its amazingly comfortable style, ergonomics and multi-pupose lends itself to providing back pain relief, tummy support, pelvic support all whilst providing both a soft feel yet firm support.  Look at the videos on how to use this pillow for sleeping.

Whats more, when you have the baby, it is highly recommended by breastfeeding professionals due to providing the following elements:

  • Ergonomic positioning for baby and mother
  • Optimal attachment height (adjustable for different breast sizes)
  • Additional around the back support
  • Angled positioning to promote optimum milk flow to babys stomach (hence reducing reflux, and spillage)

You are nearing the 3rd trimester and it’s recommended that you sleep on your side.  As your baby grows there is increasing pressure on your pelvis and in turn discomfort and pain around your back.

Therefore, its important that you obtain pelvic alignment, support your bump and hug your pregnancy pillow to give you comfort and support.  Depending on your height, and your needs – there are two types of pillows health care professionals recommend.

  1. Total Body support with the Ultimate Sleep U – if you want both pelvic support, back support, head – shoulders – bump support – then this functional and supportive pillow will provide all round support, and also convert to the ultimate resting chair, belly pillow (shape it like a pretzel) and use it for a breastfeeding chair in bed.
  2. The Ultimate Skies pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow can be used in three different positions.  In the normal side sleeping position this pillow will provide you with a sleeping surface, belly support and assist in your pelvic alignment by putting on leg in between your legs.  If you are having a bad night of it in terms of your back, then you can flip your boomerang pillow behind your back, this will provide you with back support as well as a sleeping surface and maintain that all important side sleeping position.  If you prefer to sleep on your own pillow, the slide the pregnancy pillow further in between your legs and up and around behind your back.  This position will provide you with lower back support, ensure pelvic alignment and provide the support for your belly.

This pillow then transforms to be your ultimate breastfeeding pillow, by providing additional back support by positioning one leg behind your back, doesn’t matter where you are (in bed, on the couch, on a dining chair) you will always have back support – the ergonomic design of the pillow will then ensure the high part of the pillow is in the right position, on the side where you will be breastfeeding and ensuring optimal attachment for your baby, the other leg of the pillow then is positioned on a slight angle due to the curvature of the pillow – this allows the nutritious breast milk to flow into the baby’s stomach and reducing the incidence of any re-flux and spillage.

Customer reviews

pregnancy pillow
i purchased this pillow fairly early in my pregnancy because I was starting to get ligament pains. It was the best investment ever, it really helps me to get comfortable no matter what position I’m lying in and helps to manage back pain associated with pregnancy. The thing I like most about this pillow is that it’s the only one that doesn’t makes you prone to overheating – which you do not need while pregnant! 
I have had this pillow for a little over a week and I actually didn’t realise how good it was until last night when I tried to sleep without it (bed was a little squishy with husband, toddler and cat). It has the perfect amount of stuffing to support my legs and it feels so cuddly (better than my husband because it doesn’t snore). My three year old loves it too and calls it a snuggle pillow.  I use my contoured pillow under my head, and the pillow around my body and legs. The other thing I love about this pillow is, as a normal tummy sleeper, this pillow actually stops me from rolling onto my tummy which is not a good idea with a baby growing inside. Being such a large pillow it makes it difficult to move in the middle of the night if you want to turn over. I really do love this pillow and now my husband wants one too!

Billy (NSW)

I purchased this pillow fairly early in my pregnancy because I was starting to get ligament pains. It was the best investment ever, it really helps me to get comfortable no matter what position I’m lying in and helps to manage back pain associated with pregnancy.  The thing I like most about this pillow is that it’s the only one that doesn’t makes you prone to overheating – which you do not need while pregnant!

Susie (WA)


After receiving the UltimateSkies 3 in 1 feeding pillow (large) towards the end of my 3rd trimester it has been the ultimate indulgence at a time when getting comfortable is almost impossible. This is my second pregnancy and I wish I had come across this pillow earlier. I purchased approximately 3 pillows during my first pregnancy all to find them lose their support after being used. This pregnancy I soldiered through using multiple regular pillows to support me and my expanding belly, each night this turned into a chore to rearrange them each time I moved or go up to go to the toilet (which is a lot) which drove my husband insane! The quality of the ultimate sleep pillow is superior to any pillow I have tried before with it retaining its support making it feel brand new with each use. I wish I invested in the Ultimateskies 3 in 1 feeding pillow earlier!

Megan (SA)

‘During my pregnancy, it was very difficult to get comfortable at night as I had lower back pain.  When I started using the Large UltimateSkies Pillow, I felt so much more comfortable and because it provided so much relief I slept much better.  I also use it on the sofa to watch TV, and will use it as a feeding pillow once the baby arrives.  I absolutely LOVE my Ultimateskies Pillow and couldn’t have got through my pregnancy without it.’

Amy (WA)

I am sleeping so well now- this pillow is absolutely divine. I bought a second one for my man who kept snuggly up to me.  It has not only helped my back ache I got in early pregnancy but I’ll continue to use it even after the baby is born.  I’m not waking even once through the night to pee now. I am sleeping so much more soundly now. Very, very impressed and now recommending these pillows to my Chiropractic patients.

Susan (Brisbane)

Customer reviews

body pillow

I ordered my  U body pillow pillow online on a Wednesday night, by Friday morning it was at my house. Was very impressed with extremely speedy delivery! Popped the pillowcase on to the u body pillow and couldn’t wait to jump into bed! I am not pregnant (already have three children) but I needed this  u body pillow as I am a side sleeper with back problems and I suffer from insomnia. Well, I slept better last night than I have in a long time! I popped my head in curve at the top and had one length between my legs, the other behind me. I woke up very briefly a few times during the night and I found myself wrapped in the pillow, arms supported and extremely comfortable. When I woke this morning, I didn’t want to get out of bed as I was so comfy! I was a little worried about spending so much money on a u body pillow, but it was worth every cent! Highly recommended product! Thanks Ultimate Sleep!

Christine (VIC)
I am now thirty-two weeks into my third pregnancy and have never been so uncomfortable in my life, especially at night.  What I love about the U body pillow is it really relieves all those night aches and pains that come along with swollen feet, painful joints, lower back and hip pain. I have it all this time and believe me, it’s not much fun. 

Clarice (NSW)

My husband recently purchased me the Ultimate Sleep U pillow. I have been really impressed with how well I have been sleeping. My first pregnancy I bought a small wedge and found it didn’t really help me with my lower back pain. This pregnancy l have slept really well and have not had any issues with the back pain since l started using it. I was a bit concerned about the cost of the product, but think overall it has been a great investment. I highly recommend this product.

Mary (QLD)


I have been using this pregnancy pillow for 4 months now and it is the most comfortable pillow I have ever used! No matter what position you sleep in, there is pillow there to use as support. I am currently 7 months pregnant with no pelvis or back pain and I wake up feeling very fresh every morning. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a comfy pregnancy pillow. Forget the little wedge under your belly, when you’re exhausted and pregnant – you want comfort and this is the ultimate in comfort. Definitely worth the $.
The ONLY downfall is the pillow case takes about 10 minutes to put on every time you wash it. Surely they can make one that doesn’t fit as snug so it slides on easier?? Thank you for a great product!

Megan (SA)

I purchased this pregnancy pillow over a month ago, and l have to say I’m so pleased with it, it has really helped my pelvic and back pain. I also find rolling over much easier because l don’t  have to move all the pillows with me. Thanks for the great service and fast shipping

Jan (Melbourne)

I am a physiotherapist in Melbourne and have been using the Total body support U pillow from Ultimate Sleep.  At first I thought I did not need it, however after 19 weeks it was getting hard to get comfortable.   From a therapeutic perspective it takes the pressure off your joints and enables pelvic alignment.  For me I use it whilst reading, watching TV in bed, and sleeping.  We use it in the clinic to treat many patients with physio and once patients feel the difference they end up asking about it.  It is the only pillow we recommend in our clinic.

Susan (Brisbane)

Customer reviews

nursing pillow

Breast feeding at the best of times is taxing but using this pillow allowed freedom with my hands and also relief from the strain on my back. it sits perfectly around my waist, it is perfect length and height for my baby and super comfortable. Baby does not slip like other pillows and provides good support for baby’s head as the pillow is firm. Wish I had found it before I had my first bub. highly recommend it.

Jane (TAS)

Using the pillow to help with breastfeeding was a great way to make breastfeeding easier for myself and bub considering it takes my little one almost an hour to feed this helps support my posture and takes the weight off both my arms and back. The pillow is nice and soft and it isn’t too big which makes using it really easy.

Heather (NSW)

The boomerang pillow (UltimateSkies 3 in 1) really helped to position my baby after having an emergency c-section and a larger than average bub. He immediately relaxed and it made positioning him for the long early feeds easier. Also awesome to bring out and use for easy feeding in the car. I would recommend it to anyone.

Katie (NSW)


This is my second baby and I wish I had this breastfeeding pillow for my first. The UltimateSkies 3 in 1 breastfeeding pillow is really comfy and with baby vomiting and milk dripping from my breast I love that I can place the entire breastfeeding pillow in the washing machine and it dries really quickly. I also use the breastfeeding pillow out an about, place on the floor, no stress; when it gets dirty I just wash it. All of the other breastfeeding pillows on the market that I have seen and used in the past does not allow you to do this and just changing the pillow cover is sometimes not enough. I can see this breastfeeding pillow lasting as my child grows. My 5 year old also uses it to lie on and watch television, it holds cushioning really well. I would highly recommend this product. In short, I love its hygiene, it’s comfort and its practical use across various ages.

Agnele (VIC)

After just a few days using the Large UltimateSkies 3 in 1 feeding pillow, I’m not sure how I ever lived without it! It supports my now 5 month old beautifully. It’s length and width is perfect for larger babies and eliminates to need to wrestle with multiple pillows. At first I was a little uncertain about the height of the pillow but quickly realised that was because I’d gotten into the habit of hunching over my old pillows to keep baby comfy. Now I’m able to sit properly upright, meaning I no longer have pain in my shoulders and neck from hunching.. And I’ve found my daughter is much more relaxed about latching on now that she obviously feels more supported. And when she does decide to pull off the breast dramatically as older babies tend to do.. Her whole body doesn’t roll dramatically with her!

The UltimateSkies 3 in 1 feeding pillow is firm and supportive for me and my baby and I wish I’d had it from birth as I believe it would of really helped with positioning during the early days.. Which can make all the difference in establishing breastfeeding.

I’ve also found the large UltimateSkies 3 in 1 feeding pillow to be great support when I’m sitting on the floor playing with mu daughter. The pillow cover is really cute and my daughter is fascinated by the print, it’s also easy to clean and breathes beautifully for my sweaty baby.

I would highly recommend UltimateSkies 3 in 1 feeding pillow to anyone. Its amazingly supportive and the size means it will last as baby grows, is suitable for larger women like myself and bigger babies like my girl who was just as big as some of the other pillows on the market at birth!

Carol (QLD)

ith great expectation and anticipation I received my UltimateSkies feeding pillow and I was not disappointed at all! As the only feeding pillow endorsed by my physiotherapist I knew it was already held to a high standard. I used the pillow immediately and have not stopped using it since, my daughter was born very small and it is the only pillow that I have used that gives me the support during feeding without hurting my back or tummy, especially after having a caesarian section.

The UltimateSkies  feeding pillow held my baby in a great position and really supported her and allowed for optimal attachment, very important, especially in the early days or at 3am in the morning! It also has multiple uses as I have used it not only for feeding but also to support her weight when we have a cuddle which takes the weight off my tummy.

I can’t highly recommend this pillow enough, I only wished that I purchased this pillow prior to my daughters arrival as it would have made a great pregnancy pillow or a fantastic baby shower gift.

Meghan (SA)