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Breastfeeding special care babies

breastfeeding special care babies - What's important ... Breastfeeding special care babies is different.  There are some babies that require a special care nursery, including those that are pre term, unwell babies, or babies that are requiring lifesaving surgery. Special care nurseries encourage mums with breastfeeding. If your baby is [...]

Breastfeeding twins

Breastfeeding twins or more babies Breastfeeding twins or multiples can be a concern for some mums, worrying about whether there will be enough breast milk for both or more babies. For some multiples, early birth can arrive unexpectedly or planned, so it is important for mums to be prepared. breastfeeding [...]

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Breastfeeding tips c-section

Breastfeeding tips C-section: The number of C-section births has increased dramatically, and some women are concerned that they will not be able to breastfeed. This isn’t the case. Whether you have had an elective C-section, or an emergency C-section, there should be no barriers to breastfeeding. If you have had [...]

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Breastfeeding attachment made easy

breastfeeding attachment - Tips for optimal breastfeeding attachment Getting your baby to properly attach to the breast is very important in order to properly drain the breast of breast milk, and to avoid major issues down the track such as grazed and sore nipples. A well attached baby will feed [...]

Customer reviews

Breast feeding at the best of times is taxing but using this pillow allowed freedom with my hands and also relief from the strain on my back. it sits perfectly around my waist, it is perfect length and height for my baby and super comfortable. Baby does not slip like other pillows and provides good support for baby’s head as the pillow is firm. Wish I had found it before I had my first bub. highly recommend it.

Jane (TAS)

Using the pillow to help with breastfeeding was a great way to make breastfeeding easier for myself and bub considering it takes my little one almost an hour to feed this helps support my posture and takes the weight off both my arms and back. The pillow is nice and soft and it isn’t too big which makes using it really easy.

Heather (NSW)

The boomerang pillow (UltimateSkies 3 in 1) really helped to position my baby after having an emergency c-section and a larger than average bub. He immediately relaxed and it made positioning him for the long early feeds easier. Also awesome to bring out and use for easy feeding in the car. I would recommend it to anyone.

Katie (NSW)


This is my second baby and I wish I had this breastfeeding pillow for my first. The UltimateSkies 3 in 1 breastfeeding pillow is really comfy and with baby vomiting and milk dripping from my breast I love that I can place the entire breastfeeding pillow in the washing machine and it dries really quickly. I also use the breastfeeding pillow out an about, place on the floor, no stress; when it gets dirty I just wash it. All of the other breastfeeding pillows on the market that I have seen and used in the past does not allow you to do this and just changing the pillow cover is sometimes not enough. I can see this breastfeeding pillow lasting as my child grows. My 5 year old also uses it to lie on and watch television, it holds cushioning really well. I would highly recommend this product. In short, I love its hygiene, it’s comfort and its practical use across various ages.

Agnele (VIC)

After just a few days using the Large UltimateSkies  feeding pillow, I’m not sure how I ever lived without it! It supports my now 5 month old beautifully. It’s length and width is perfect for larger babies and eliminates to need to wrestle with multiple pillows. At first I was a little uncertain about the height of the pillow but quickly realised that was because I’d gotten into the habit of hunching over my old pillows to keep baby comfy. Now I’m able to sit properly upright, meaning I no longer have pain in my shoulders and neck from hunching.. And I’ve found my daughter is much more relaxed about latching on now that she obviously feels more supported. And when she does decide to pull off the breast dramatically as older babies tend to do.. Her whole body doesn’t roll dramatically with her!

The UltimateSkies feeding pillow is firm and supportive for me and my baby and I wish I’d had it from birth as I believe it would of really helped with positioning during the early days.. Which can make all the difference in establishing breastfeeding.

I’ve also found the large UltimateSkies 3 in 1 feeding pillow to be great support when I’m sitting on the floor playing with mu daughter. The pillow cover is really cute and my daughter is fascinated by the print, it’s also easy to clean and breathes beautifully for my sweaty baby.

I would highly recommend the UltimateSkies feeding pillow to anyone. Its amazingly supportive and the size means it will last as baby grows, is suitable for larger women like myself and bigger babies like my girl who was just as big as some of the other pillows on the market at birth!

Carol (QLD)

ith great expectation and anticipation I received my UltimateSkies feeding pillow and I was not disappointed at all! As the only feeding pillow recommended by my physiotherapist I knew it was already held to a high standard. I used the pillow immediately and have not stopped using it since, my daughter was born very small and it is the only pillow that I have used that gives me the support during feeding without hurting my back or tummy, especially after having a caesarian section.

The UltimateSkies feeding pillow held my baby in a great position and really supported her and allowed for optimal attachment, very important, especially in the early days or at 3am in the morning! It also has multiple uses as I have used it not only for feeding but also to support her weight when we have a cuddle which takes the weight off my tummy.

I can’t highly recommend this pillow enough, I only wished that I purchased this pillow prior to my daughters arrival as it would have made a great pregnancy pillow or a fantastic baby shower gift.

Meghan (SA)

Breastfeeding pillow

Breastfeeding and Nutrition

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Hospital Bag – What should I pack?

April 9th, 2016|Comments Off on Hospital Bag – What should I pack?

Hospital Bag I get asked so many times by my girlfriends as to what to pack in my hospital bag in anticipation for the birth. For me, l had two hospital bags, one for me and one for my baby. Keep it simple and don’t worry too much if you don’t have everything. In my hospital bag I had, a [...]

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Breastfeeding attachment made easy

March 20th, 2016|Comments Off on Breastfeeding attachment made easy

breastfeeding attachment - Tips for optimal breastfeeding attachment Getting your baby to properly attach to the breast is very important in order to properly drain the breast of breast milk, and to avoid major issues down the track such as grazed and sore nipples. A well attached baby will feed well and put on weight, and should not cause any [...]

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I’m not a milkbar!

March 9th, 2016|Comments Off on I’m not a milkbar!

The hungry hungry baby that thinks I am a milk bar! Are you feeling like you are breast feeding round the clock every two hours. If so, I have a story for you. I decided to write this article based on my own personal experience on breastfeeding. It might make you feel reassured that you’re not alone. You’re not alone if [...]

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Preparing for baby – looking after yourself

March 9th, 2016|Comments Off on Preparing for baby – looking after yourself

Any new mum will tell you that you will love your new baby so much that you will ache. Unfortunately that ache may be in the form of back and shoulder ache. Aches often occur in the shoulders, neck, upper and lower back due to the long hours of Breastfeeding. Many mums are prone to back and neck pain due [...]

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